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Snapmirrors from within a vFiler are not discovered in DataFabric Manager server version 5.0


I have a client that used vfiler on a controller running Ontap 8.1, they are currently snapmirroring from within the vfiler to another dr controller. It works great, its all setup in the snapmirror.conf on the vfiler etc. Oncommand Core (DFM 5.0) is running and discovers all snapmirrors and snapvaults that are running on all "base" controllers and vfilers that are on controllers prior to 8.1 Ontap version. Is there a special tweak we need to set in DFM 5.0, for these existing snapmirrors to be discovered? They use DFM to see what snapmirrors and snapvaults have long lag inmes and cannot afford to log onto each vFiler to check snapmirrors. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you




Hi Ryan,

I strongly recommend you to go to OCUm 5.0.2. Now DFM/OCUM doesn't discover relationship that are created in the vfiler context.  Can you get the snapmirror status o/p for the relationship that you dont see in dfm from your filer ?

PM supports and creates VSM/QSM/SV/OSSV relationship in all these topologies.

Filer -> Filer

Filer -> vFiler

vFiler -> Filer

vFiler -> vFiler



In all this cases PM creates the relationship and does the updates using filer interfaces (not the vfiler interfaces). Also PM discovers existing relationship of the above topology only if they are created using filer interfaces and not vfiler interfaces.

  • PM creates and manages SnapMirror/SnapVault relationships that are from physical Filer to physical Filer only
  • It will not discover a relationship that originates or ends on a vFiler. However, PM can handle primary or secondary volumes that belong to a vFiler.
  • In a storage service, you can use a pre-existing secondary vFiler or you can ask OnCommand UM to create a secondary vFiler from a template (new in OC UM 5.0). But, OC UM will create a relationship from physical Filer to physical Filer even for the volumes that belong to a vFiler.
  • PM does not officially support vFiler DR but there is a plug in available to support this that was created outside of the PM . see here

PM does not support vFiler DR + snapmanager product + protection manager due to Snapdrive for Windows and Unix not being able to handle two identically named resources returned by Protection Manager

Please let me know if you have any questions