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Snapshots and clones of ASM disks on NFS (Oracle)



I have previously worked with snapshot technology of Netapp on NFS filesystem running Oracle databases, where we snap a NFS mount and then create a clone from snapshot.

However , this time we would like to use ASM on NFS.So, I have a question regarding creating a clone from snapshot.

I can think of below approach for successfully mounting clone of ASM disks on NFS from snapshots.

- create a snapshot of NFS mount that holds asm disks

- create a clone of Snapshot

- mount the clone as new filesystem

- use kfed to rename asm disks in clone

- use renamedg to rename asm diskgroups in clone

- mount disk groups with new name

- create a controlfile and recover database

- open database resetlogs.

Please suggest if my approach is correct or if i missed any step on process ?




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