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Stale Data in OnCommand Report?


OnCommand Insight Report 1.0

DFM/Operations Manager (5.1)

Metrics such as volume free space line up nicely between SSH session output (df command), System Manager and the reports I am creating in Ops Manager/DFM. Reports from Insight Report however, seem to pick up stale data.

I''ve created a volume analysis report in Insight Report which shows among other things, volume free space. Free space however, does not change to reflect actual values until I do do a manual poll of the DFM server and rebiuld the ETL. Insight Report is set to poll the DFM server nightly at midnight and appears to be doing so successfully. I realize that the metrics in Insight Report will therefor only be refreshed nightly but I have waited a week and the reports reflect the same data day after day. Volume free space is just an example. We added 200GB to a volume and the volume size increase was not reflectdd in the reports until I did a manual poll of the DFM server.

This is a report which is emailed daily in PDF and XLS format. See the attached JPG for the schedule. The date and time at the bottom of the PDF file is correct, but the actual data in the report seems stale.

Is there a setting in Insight Report which has to be set? When I create a report to be emailed to me, does it have to be created a certain way? Maybe my expectations are not correct. Documentation here is sparse. 

Any thoughts or a rough shove in the right direction would be appreciated.




OnCommand Report acquires data once a day from DataFabric Manager servers as per the configured poll time. ETL process occurs 3 hours from the poll time.After ETL completes, data will be available for reporting. The information you would find in reports will be based on data collected from DFM servers at poll time.

Refer to this video on report scheduling email distribution.

Also, refer to this document on configure OnCommand Report for scheduled report generation and distribution by email.


Thanks for the reply.

The data is stale even after automatic poll and ETL. OnCommand Report Admin shows everything as successful. The data in DFM changes daily and hourly but the data in OnCommand Report stays the same day after day unless I do a manual poll and rebuild ETL.

There is a chance that I have the scheduled report generation set up incorrectly and so will review the document linked but believe that I have tried every option aready.




Does the emailed report contain refreshed data.


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