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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

Storage Automation Store Pack: Quota Management


Has anybody downloaded this pack?


It seems to have some issues.


The main issue could be realted to have problems getting policy information.  I have set that up as a data source

however it fails at getting the quota policy information.


1) Does not list all volumes.  If you drop down the menu several times, the listing of volumes seems to change but never a complete list.

2)  There seems to be a problem with the Quota Policy query.  Screenshot attached  This error pops up as soon as you open the workflow




3) The set quota command also gives some issues, but I am still looking that in detail.




I really wish you guys would release documentation for this stuff. 





You are seeing this error because, pre-requisites not met, user needs to add cluster as data source and it should hold some default policy.

These steps are document in the help doc which is associated with workflow.



Vinothini M.


I have added the cluster as a data source but I get an error "error getting quota policy information. please see the log file for more details"

I have looked at the log file, and it is does not give any clear indication as to what the issue is.


We also have quota policies created, so I dont know what the issue can be.




Have you set the credentials of the cluster in WFA?





Yes I have.

 I dont think authentication is the issue, since it looks like it's having an issue getting the quota information


1. Failed to execute query for user input...
This error is due to non-existence of Quota_Policy table in cm_storage_quota Scheme. Doing a reset schema on Quota_Policy Dictionary entry in cm_storage_quota Scheme will create new Quota_Policy table.


2. "error getting quota policy information. please see the log file for more details"
can you paste the error in the log file or attach the wfa.log and server.log files ?


We have a ticket open with NetApp for this, we are thinking this can be the cause after analyzing some of the logs


Unable to find API: quota-policy-get-iter :: ONTAPI :: Error


Looks like this API does not even exist, are any developers able to comment on this?


AFAIK, quota-policy-get-iter API is available on clusters running with Data ONTAP version 8.3.1 onwards.


Since you are facing couple of issues, I will suggest you to open a case with NetApp

by calling up NetApp support center.




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