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Strange problem with WFA 1.1 and Ontap 8.1.1 7-mode


We recently purchased and installed a couple of 6280s.  They were delivered with 8.0.3 7-mode on them.  Before putting these in production we upgraded to 8.1.1 7-mode.  Last week I was testing the new Filers with WFA.  Running a simple workflow to create a volume, qtree and NFS export, I ran into an unusual problem.

Just before completing the step to create the qtree, I would get the following message: "Cannot determine connection type".  The qtree was created, but the workflow failed and no export was created.  Tried the same thing on a test Filer running 8.1.1 and the same job worked correctly.  I searched for any bugs but found nothing.  Through trial and error I was finally able to conclude that the problem was related to multistore.  In particular, this new system was licensed for vfilers, but had no vfilers.  There is a new option (I guess it's new?) named "licensed_feature.multistore.enable" that was off, after enabling it, the workflow functioned correctly. 

To further muddy the water, the test Filer that also has 8.1.1 on it also had this option off, but it did have existing vfilers when it was upgraded to 8.1.1. 

Hope this helps someone save some time. 





Hi Bill,

Multistore is for vFiler creation and licensed_feature.multistore.enable will 'off' normally. Are you executing netapp certified workflows (Example found in 'Portal' page)? Can you send me the logs.