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Symbols on the filer


Hi all,

Looking for a really basic thing; could someone get me a comprehensive guide about the symbols on the filer?

Mainly for the connector symbols (IOIO, etc).

I attempted to find it but no luck so far only bits and pieces.


Re: Symbols on the filer


Go to the now site and search for the model you want:

     FAS32xx System Installation and setup

Re: Symbols on the filer


that is used for direct connect using your console.

thank you


Re: Symbols on the filer


Generally on the back of a recent filer, you'll have

the IOIO port this is an RJ45 connection for serial (RS232) - you should have a short cable to convert it to 9 pin D female

E0M this is an RJ45 connection for management

e0a e0b etc these are normal RJ45 Ethernet ports (1Gb or less)

The wretch/spanner port this is an RJ45 for ACP (management of newer shelves)

SAS ports - rectangular ports for newer shelves

Fibre channel ports for either older shelves or FC hosts.

10GB ports - normally rectangular ports for special short run cables or fibre network connections. should have all the info you need.

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