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System Manager cannot autheticate after upgrading filer to 8.0.2


I have a filer in my lab running 7.3.6 that I was using System Manager 2.0R1 on with no problem.

Then I upgraded the filer to 8.0.2 and I can no longer autheticate - the connection times out, even though i can ping and ssh into the system from the same computer.

Error details dont seem helpful - they are:




2011-10-05 09:01:08,024


Connection timed out


No details are available.


No suggested corrective action is available.


Location is not specified.


App Name: Netscape

App Version: 5.0 (Windows)

App Codename: Mozilla

User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:6.0.2)Gecko/20100101


Platform: Win32

Cookie Enabled: true



I get this same problem with my FAS2040 running OnTap 8.0.1 if I have SSL disabled.  It works if I enable SSL, but for our internal lab environment I prefer to use an unencrypted connection because we have a lot of powershell scripts in use that were designed for non-SSL API.  System Manager works fine with a FAS270 as well as a prototype FAS we are evaluating without encryption.  Any ideas on why the 2040 is specifically not allowing the option to communicate unencrypted?


filer> options ssl.enable off

filer> secureadmin setup ssl

filer> options ssl.enable on



This is the correct answer. I I have 8.0.2P4. Thank you!


Jepp... that will for shure fix the System Manager issue... just be carefull if you have SSL Certificates or SSH Key authentication, etc...


I fixed this by turning ssl off , then running secureadmin to setup ssl again ( blowing away the previous configuration ) and then re- enabling ssl. It works now.

Thanks for the replies!


Hi... this is most likely an OnTap Bug... it is not the first time i heard that upgrading to 8.0.2Px breaks something with SSH/SSL... there are some other issues (likely unrelated to this specific issue) with SSH and DOT 8... so my guess is some stuff got changed and not properly tested... my feeling is that 8.0.2P3 brings some relief... I expect 8.0.3 to fix it properly...


Hi ,

        Could you please check from ssh session if SSl has been configured , can you please check through the command "secureadmin status" and if ssl is not set , set it up and then try to login again from System manager.



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