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System Manager v2.0.2 is Available


OnCommand System Manager version 2.0.2 is now available.  It is highly recommended that all users upgrade to this version at your earliest opportunity.  This latest version of System Manager addresses BURTs, code hardening, and modified vFiler editing to help ensure corruption-free network configuration.  Click here for Software Download page



Scrollbar in lun list does not work, still


This BURT is not fixed, it has now completely prevented users from modifying DNS settings or any sort of network configuration. I'm hoping the December (or sooner) release will fix this.


Agreed. It's fixed as in neutered, not fixed as in resolved. It is arguably a work-around. Yes, my understanding is that the December release is targeted to enable the functionality.


If by addressing the BURTs Netapp means they removed the ability to edit network interfaces via System Manager then yes they were addressed. 


Network is still able to be configured at set-up, but yes, editing through the GUI afterwords has been depricated for now.  Thanks for the understanding and patience.  This will be resolved in the December release.  If you are interested, there may be the ability to get access to a beta before then.  Just let me know. 

ran into this when setting up the FAS2040 system. the lack of network editing through the GUI is pretty annoying. I wouldn't mind trying the mentioned beta, Michael.


+1 missing this

Also, for what it's worth the only reason I've advised customers to go in there is to setup DNS, as the standard setup process doesn't do it (yet?), and it's required for CIFS setup (despite the friendly, 'OK - no just go run CIFS setup' message at the end of the vFiler setup process).  If we could modify that process to include DNS, this would be less of an issue.


I think you meant *deprecated*

Thank you for this information. I ran into this issue today.

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