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Trying to start FilerView first time, but not able to. IP responding and error 500 after authentication?


Trying to start FilerView first time, but not able to. IP responding and error 500 after authentication?



What is the ONTAP version ?



Hi Bakshana, Nice to here from you. Its 7.3.6

I gets login screen, when i enters password, Its says "Error 500, Servelet not enabled"


Well on 7.3.6 it should work.

What is the output of 'options http'.

Also have you looked at OnCommand System Manager ?

It replaces FilerView and I would urge you to use ut instead of FilerView.

You will be able to download System Manager from Support site.




Thanks Bakshana, I try OnCommand System Manager as well, I believe I need windows 2008 Server to install OnCommand System Manager. Anyway if something not working means any issue. so simply want to resolve this..

httpd.access                 legacy

httpd.admin.access           legacy

httpd.admin.enable           on

httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable off

httpd.admin.max_connections  512

httpd.admin.ssl.enable       on on

httpd.autoindex.enable       off

httpd.bypass_traverse_checking off

httpd.enable                 off

httpd.ipv6.enable            off

httpd.log.format             common     (value might be overwritten in takeover)

httpd.method.trace.enable    off

httpd.rootdir                XXX

httpd.timeout                300        (value might be overwritten in takeover)

httpd.timewait.enable        off        (value might be overwritten in takeover)


I haven't looked at you options output yet but wanted to clarify that you can install OnCommand System Manager even on your desktop.

I think you are probably getting confused with OnCommand Unified Manager.

We have changed our nomenclature of late.

Hope that helps.



Thanks Bakshana,

You right. I was confused with Unified manager. But now I installed OnCommand System Manager on my System and trying to work With.

Also please have a look on my options http output as well please and suggest. I am damn sure you 'll really help.

Cheers !!!!!


Your setting looks okay to me.

It may be because of corruption of java directory.

It can be fixed by re-installing the Data ONTAP on the same version.

See if that helps. If not then you will need to move certain JAVA files within /etc path. But that's the last resort.




Thanks Bakshana,

Ok, Agree with you. Anyway how I can enable java on my filer. Or access /etc/?

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