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Unable to execute workflow against an array when using hostname




I'm getting an error during workflow execution and cannot find the reason.


What I get is:

Workflow aborted.
No results were found. The following filters have returned empty results:
Filter arrays by name or IP address
Location: 'Add VLAN' command > 'Interface' tab > 'int_netapp' variable > 'array' property

The "Add VLAN" workflow is certified by NetApp, no modification was done. I get this error when I use array's hostname, but when I use IP, it works fine. Hostnames are resolvable to IPs by WFA server itself.


Thanks for any help.




Hello Lukas,

Welcome. On your User Inputs, are you manually typing in the array name, or are you performing a SQL query?

The problem you are probably running into is that the WFA database is pulling a different name (Most likely the FQDN if you are using the shortname). So when the Finder that you are using to find the array looks for the name it will not find it if your input doesn't match what is in the database.

If you are not using a sql query for your user input on the variable, I suggest you go back and do so. Here is a quick one: "select from storage.array"

If you need further clarification, please let me know




thank you for your answer.


Looks like you are right. Strange thing is that in DFM I can see a short hostname under "Hosts" -> "Name" column, but in the alarms view, I see FQDN. When I tested the workflow looks like it takes the FQDN.


Bad thing is that I need to always check whenever a new array is added, if it was added using short name or FQDN.


Have a good day.



Yes, I have ran into that a lot. Using the SQL query as part of your user input solves the issues of having missmatches between FQDN's and Shortnames on the DFM side.  While it doesn't actually fix the missmatches, you will choose the proper one for the workflow every time, verses using an ENUM or manual input.


Okay, I'll definately give it a try, but I will be executing the workflow from other system via API, so I don't know if it can be of any help 🙂


Thanks a lot!



Oh that is cool. If that external program has the ability to run REST API calls for its own user inputs. You could do that as well. Depending on your situation this may not be available to you.

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