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Unable to load Modules with WFA 3.1P1


Hello everyone,


I am working with a test WFA of version and a productive WFA of Version

Both with execution Policy unrestricted.


The following Command part does not work for the productive System:


### modules
$ExPo = Get-ExecutionPolicy
Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Loading modules with execution policy $ExPo")
## Fill template
Import-Module "$ModulePath/fill-template.psm1"



The log message is the following:


09:38:24.418 INFO  [<COMMANDSNAME>] ### Command '<COMMANDSNAME>' in 'POWER_SHELL' ###
09:38:31.809 INFO  [<COMMANDSNAME>] Loading modules with execution policy Unrestricted

09:38:32.402 ERROR  [<COMMANDSNAME>] AuthorizationManager check failed.
09:38:32.512 ERROR  [<COMMANDSNAME>] Command failed for Workflow '<WORKFLOWNAME>' with error : AuthorizationManager check failed.
09:38:32.512 INFO  [<COMMANDSNAME>] ***** Workflow Execution Failed *****



The strange thing is, that it works on the test WFA without any Problems.

All Used Paths are tested in a previous command (and I placed the modules on both servers (test and productive) in the same place)


Has someone any idea how to fix this problem?






Re: Unable to load Modules with WFA 3.1P1




Where did you get this module fill-template.psm1, is it from some website on the internet? 


I suggest you do the following:


1. Right-Click on the file and "properties"

2. There will be button "Unblock". Click it.


Now try your command.





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Re: Unable to load Modules with WFA 3.1P1


It was written by myself on the test server.

After unblocking it on the productive server everything went fine.


Thanks a lot for this solution!




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