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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

Unified Manager 6.3 mySQL Query for Alerts


So I am building a dashboard that runs queries against a couple sources. This includes DFM 5.x and UM 6.3.


The table/view I'm working on right now is one that gets the existing alerts that have been sent out to our oncall analysts. The view would give them a single place to go, in order to click for more details on an alert that can't be given in a single text message.


I have been able to generate the query using DFM's 5.x sybase database views, but not UM 6.3.


My current method of integration with UM 6.3 is through mySQL.  In the database, I'm unable to find any tables/views on alerts. I see the events, but not the alert configurations that would allow me to correlate what events we are alerting on.


Any assistance would be great. If there is another method, I would love to hear it. 




FYI - For those that want the query I used for DFM 5.x


left join groupMemberView on groupMemberView.objId = eventView.eventSourceObjId
left join groupCacheView on eventView.eventSourceObjId = groupCacheView.objId
left join alarmView on groupCacheView.groupId = alarmView.alarmGroupId and alarmView.alarmEventSeverity = eventView.eventSeverity
alarmView.alarmEmailAddrs = 'EMAILADDRESSHERE'
AND eventView.eventIsCurrent = 'Yes'
order by eventTimestamp desc




Hi Corey,


On a UM6.3 server, i see below DB tables related to alerts (in 'ocum' DB) which lists the alert attributes.

They are not available in the ocum_view DB though.


root@oncommand-28:~# mysql -e "show tables from ocum" | grep -i alert


Hope this helps.



Thanks Kirana,


The issue I have run into is that the account I provisioned doesn't have access to the ocum database.   (A DB User account with the Integration Schema) 


Is there a procedure to create an account that has access to the ocum database?  


Note: I am running the appliance version of OCUM.

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