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Unified Manager 9.4 perl scripts


Hi Folks,


What is the utility/package  to send emails from a perl script in the 9.4 version?  sendmail is not there anymore... If OCUM send emails from the GUI then the package is there but how to send email from the CLI....




Re: Unified Manager 9.4 perl scripts




I assume you are referring to the OCUM vApp?

If so you won't be too lucky. The OCUM vApp is a hardened and closed system. It only contains packages that are needed for OCUM and its services to run. It's actually not meant to install and run scripts in the vApp as you cannot manage installed packages or access to certain parts of that vApp.


If you are heavily into using alert scripts and twaeking OCUM behavior, I highly recommend to install the OCUM package on a regular Linux (or Windows) OS. You then can install and use any package available for that distribution, including your preferred perl and sendmail version.


regards, Niels

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