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i have currently big trouble at a customer "with" the customer regarding the new Unified Manager! This is the worst ever!


I have upgraded from 9.5P1 tp 9.7P1 and now all reports are gone and i can't schedule new monthly reports. And even the weekly reports i can't create like the monthly before.


The customer want the reports back in a monthly schedule. This is very important for the customer!


Is it possible that i install a additional OCUM 9.5P1 to query the 9.7 systems and only to generate the reports? Supported this will not be, but if it work it will help me very very much...


Or what can i do else?


And when 9.8 brings better reports, that i can't use it, because Commvault don't support it. Currently i must use 9.7 for the ONTAP 9.7 systems.


I had already a case at GS, but they can't help me with this.


Why the hell are there so big changes and less features after a software update?


Kind regards



Re: Unified Manager Compatibility...


Hi there!


I'm sorry to hear of your concerns with AIQUM reporting.


As we have written on the download page for Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7 , "If you customized any of the standard reports that were provided with Unified Manager 9.5 or earlier, these custom reports are not imported into the new reporting tool. Make sure you retain CSV or PDF versions so that you can rebuild them using the new reporting functionality.


As you may have seen, reports can be scheduled monthly in 9.8 - I would suggest doing them weekly for now, and then change it when you can upgrade to 9.8 or 9.9.


What has Commvault support said regarding when they will support AIQUM 9.8? We have a release candidate of 9.9 available, so that is lagging..

Re: Unified Manager Compatibility...


Hi Alex,


the weekly schedule is one problem, but the bigger problem is that i can't recreate the report. I havn't the options in the filters that i need, i can't create a correct view. Filters are always "and" there is no way to say "or". This is very limited when comparing with the old version.


And i had no choice, we need to upgrade our ONTAP to 9.7 so we must upgrade our Unified Manager too... So even if you have written that in the download, it don't help, it changes nothing regarding the problem...


I'm writing this only, that you know what happens here in the field, what problems causes such changes!


Kind regards


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Re: Unified Manager Compatibility...




Thank you for the feedback. We can try to take it internally but the best way honestly to give feedback is through your NetApp account team.

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