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Unstable proxy servers



I am having problems with the (wmi) proxy servers. They have been mostly unstable the last 2 years. I sort of fixed it by having the servers reboot every day, but that seems wrong.

I have 3 virtual servers with around 300 monitored devices on each, have checked the right windows version and that they have the right resources in vmware(as stated in the manual).

And yet they can't run for 24 hours without problems.

Any good ideas?


Re: Unstable proxy servers


This is pretty unusual. You should not have to reboot the proxy server daily. A few things to check.

1) The Balance proxy runs as a Java service. Do you have the latest version of Java on the Windows proxy server?

2) The Balance proxy writes intermediate data locally. It you have a real-time virus scanner installed on the proxy server, it can cause problems with larger environments, such as yours. To fix this, you can get a virus scan exception for the directories that the Balance proxy is writing to.

KB article.

Why should McAfee be disabled while installing the OnCommand Balance proxy service?

3) The proxy server creates a log file in the root of the installation directory. A peek at that might reveal something.

4) If this continues, please open a support case, we can get to the bottom of it.

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Re: Unstable proxy servers



Thanks for the answer.

I am happy to hear that it is unusual. It means it should be possible for me to fix.

I have updated Java often. I took a look at the antivirus program agan and now I suspect the antivirus program of not bypassing the balance directory as it has been told to so I will dig into that. I have been looking briefly at the log files but I will take another look at them.

Again thanks.

Best regards


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