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Upgrading older FAS270 from 7.2.3 to 7.3.7


Running a FAS270 on a Linux (NFS) system.

NA01> version -b

1:/mips/kernel/primary.krn: OS 7.2.3

1:/backup/mips/kernel/primary.krn: OS 7.2.3

1:/mips/diag/diag.krn:  Diagnostic_4.9.3

1:/mips/firmware/tsantsa/firmware.img: Firmware 1.2.0

I'd like to go from 7.2.3 to 7.3.7.  However I'm running into a couple of bumps along the way.  First when I go to download the 7.3.7 file I see no listing for a FAS270.  The closest related prodcuts are a FAS200 or GF270.  The linke I'm using is here -

The other problem I'm having is that the instructions state I should run "mount na01:/ /somefolder" and copy over the tar file then extract.  However once I mount the FAS270 it mounts as a read-only file system.  I can't chown or chmod the directory to even allow me to copy over the tar file.  I read somewhere that there is a Data ONTAP Upgrade Utility, but the download link is broken -

Can someone guide me in the right direction here?




Hi Floyd,

There is a number of different methods of upgrade described in this doc:

There is a reference to Upgrade Utility as well, but the link is broken (the tool may be no longer available?)




I think I figured it all out.  I needed to export my NFS share and update the permissions.  Once I did that I was able to mount the FAS270 and copy over the files.  A walk in the park after that.


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