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User Input Queries in WFA 2.0


I remember seeing a discussion a few months back that mentioned an upcoming feature of 2.0 that would allow more than one value to be returned, so you could display the main value to be used in the workflow as well as additional values to be used to make a decision. Did this feature make it to the released product? I couldn't find mention of it in the release notes or the reference manual. I currently use a SQL query to generate a list of aggregates based on the controller name the user has submitted, but I would like to also display the commit rate and the resource pool they belong to, as those are two major factors we take into consideration when deciding where to provision storage.



HI Tim,

Yes there is a provision in WFA 2.0 to make user input queries to select multiple values depending on some input parameters.

In the preferences tab of the workflow, you will find a tab called user inputs, here you can mention the type as query for the user input and provide your query selecting the parameters that you need like below:



    ' : ', AS 'Aggregate',

    aggregate.size_mb AS 'Total Size (MB)',

    aggregate.used_size_mb AS 'Used Size (MB)',

    aggregate.available_size_mb AS 'Available Size (MB)',

    COUNT( AS 'Volume Count'

In this case, the first column will be the user input value and the additional columns will help you choose.

On execution of this query in the user input window of preview/execute, you will find a drop down list of the eligible values take from the db.

Hope this helps.