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Using Graphite (or Grafana) to show statistics over whole install base (aggregated)


I'm trying to get some statistics that are global for my whole install base, f.e. average/median amount of iops per LUN/volume. 

We are using nabox appliance for Graphite, Grafana & Harvest. 

I haven't used Graphite before.I was trying to edit Graphite dashboard like this:


  "target": [
    &target=aggregate(netapp.perf.OW*.svm.*.vol.*.total_ops, "median")

 It doesn't display any error but also doesn't work. I believe I'm doing some simple mistake here. Can someone point me into the right direction ?





there is a very good online documentation about all the available graphite functions:


In the Standard Edit Mode of Grafana you don't have to deal with the syntax and you get suggestions for the available functions.


I think "averageSeries" will do what you want.

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