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V3240 - 8.2.3P4 7-mode - Took LUN and Volume offline - LUN disappeared




Had some problems with a VMWare v5.1 WIN2k8 R2 VM that had issues with a large NetApp RDM (15TB).


It had been working well for many months.  The server eventually became sluggish and then crashed. The only way it would boot up

was when I removed that disk from the configuration.  I tried adding it many times, but it didn't work.  it would just hang once I logged in.


I removed the FC initiators from the LUN, and took both the LUN and the Volume off-line, and did a rescan of the datastores in the vmware client.


I was going to remove the RDM disk files from the VM in the Datastore, and start from scratch. ( I didn't get that far.....)


I thought I was going to be able to bring both the LUN and Volume back on-line, but the LUN disappeared. (why would that be?)


Also, when I try and create another LUN and point it to the Existing Volume, it doesn't let me - says "the container can only accommodate a LUN size of 0 bytes.

Either reduce LUN size or select a larger container"


I have a Snap-mirror of the volume to another NetApp SAN, but it was on-demand, and wasn't sync'd for about 6 weeks..


Have I lost the capability to bring this volume back?