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Volume capacity used based on disk type


Hi All

I'm trying to generate a report for a show-back activity to the business per service and I'm pretty much getting there but I have hit a stumbling block when trying to break down a group which has different disk types.  I would like a tiered approach i.e SAS/ATA etc with different charges associated with each within a group summary.

I've gone back to the basic level of Disk type and Volume count just to see if the reporter can group these separately but so far no joy but I've only used the tool for a couple of days so still finding my way round it.


Volume CountDisk Type

You see above that it gives the same count for each disk type.  If there is a way of doing this I can then build this into the larger report that i have created and associate costs to them.  Obviously its not really the count i'm after it is the capacity used but if it can't even do the count then its a non starter anyway.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated




Have you looked at OnCommand Insight? OCI has a much more robust meta data model that allows to you label assets with annotations for reporting purposes.

I have a customer who annotates their storage arrays with "Datacenter", and builds tiering policies to automatically apply annotations to certain storage vendor + model + disk configurations (i.e, "Bronze" tier is all SATA on 3000 series controllers) - this allows them to report capacity datacenter vs tier. For each "tier" you define, you can associate a cost per GB.

Additionally, they can annotate flexvols and LUNs with what application / business unit they belong to for showback/chargeback.

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