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Volume daysUntilFull missing from ocum_report schema in OCUM


Is there a reason why the ocum_report schema does not have a "daysUntilFull" or "bytesUsedperDay" listed under the volume table?  I'm using OCUM 7.x.  I see it in the integration schema and I know it is in the ocum schema.  How would I go about reporting those for volumes?


Re: Volume daysUntilFull missing from ocum_report schema in OCUM


Hi James,


There is a "daysToFull" field within the "volumes" table in the "ocum_view" database.

This will enable you to calculate the days until full per volume by ID




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Re: Volume daysUntilFull missing from ocum_report schema in OCUM


you are correct.  I was able to find the ocum_view and netapp_model_view schemas when I connected to the mysql db using the wfa integration schema credentials (using MySQL workbench).  I then used BIRT to create a datasource for each schema.  I was able to create a custom report and import into OCUM.  Below is a sample of the query I used.  I had to create a joint dataset.  If there is an easier way please let me know.  I'm fairly new to sql queries and building custom reports.


Pulled volume info from netapp_model_view first:


select volume.objid AS volumeID, AS volName,
volume.state AS State,
(select from cluster where (cluster.objid = volume.clusterId)) AS clusterName,
(select from vserver where (vserver.objid = volume.vserverId)) AS vserverName,
(select from aggregate where (aggregate.objid = volume.aggregateId)) AS aggregateName,
round(volume.size/Power(1024,3),2) AS TotalSizeGB,
round(volume.sizeUsed/Power(1024,3),3) AS DataUsedGB,
round(volume.snapshotReserveSize/Power(1024,3),3) AS SnapReserveGB,
round(volume.sizeAvail/Power(1024,3),3) AS TotalAvailGB,
round((volume.snapshotReserveSize + volume.sizeUsed)/Power(1024,3),2) AS TotalUsedGB,
volume.sizeUsedPercent AS UsedPercentage
from volume

Then I pulled the daily growth and days until full from ocum_view:


round(volume.bytesUsedPerDay/Power(1024,3),2) AS DailyGrowthRate,
cast(floor(volume.daysUntilFull) as unsigned) AS DaysUntilFull

from volume

I combined the two by creating a joint dataset in BIRT.  This gave me exactly what I needed.


6-20-2017 8-52-54 AM.png


This is the output I set up for the customer:


6-20-2017 9-00-28 AM.png

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