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WFA 2.0: Exporting Execution Logs?



At my company we have an obligation to keep all the info about storage provisioning for auditing by our security department. I would rather not give them high level access to our system to do that, so I was wondering if it was possible to export the info on the execution status page? Failing that, could someone tell me how long the info actually stays on the execution status page? We have an obligation to keep our logs for at least a year.





Hi Tim,

I think several posibilities comes to mind here:

1) If your organization uses a Syslog server for centralized logging solutions, we can re-route the logs there.

2) For every execution, once complete, the option to download the logs is available at the execution monitoring of that specific flow

3) You can access the results of the workflow via web services API, providing you ran that flow through web services. There you can extract a flow execution summary and return parameters if you set those

to return various bits of information on the execution.

Since the data is small and compressed, we do not employ retention mechanisms on the execution information at this stage.
Moreover, it is retained in the database and will be upgraded/retained every time WFA would be upgraded.

Hope I covered all the bases and that the response works out for you.

Yaron Haimsohn

WFA team


Hi Yaron,

Thanks, this is very helpful. My company does in fact use a syslog server so I will try to configure it to send data to that. Just to clarify on the retention point, are you saying that the info is held in the execution status table indefinitely? I understand that the data wouldn't be very large so I'm not worried about capacity constraints I'm just curious.




Hi Tim,

As Yaron mentioned, the job details will be retained forever. You can access them at any time in future..!

Warm Regards

Sivaprasad K


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