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WFA 2.x workflow for removing a CDOT CIFS share



I've been actively creating workflows using the certified commands for creating CDOT volumes and associated CIFS share.  What I just realized is there is no command to remove a CIFS share.  I can still delete the underlying volume but that leaves behind an orphaned share.  Anyone know if this command exists somewhere that I'm missing?  Thanks.




Hey Dave,

You're not missing anything, a remove command for CIFS Shares doesn't yet exist. I've attached one that I've created, import the attached dar and let me know how it works for you.

Kind Regards,

- Michael.


Thanks Michael.  I just imported the command but I'm getting the following error, which I suspect is because the cluster requires confirmation of the action:

12:51:09.806 ERROR  [Remove CIFS share] Failed executing command. Exception: Windows PowerShell is in NonInteractive mode. Read and Prompt functionality is not available.

I found this message with something similar:

I don't have much Powershell experience but I think the current code that looks like this:

Remove-NcCifsShare -Name $ShareName -VserverContext $Vserver

Might need to look like this based on the code from another command for CDOT:

Remove-NcCifsShare -Name $ShareName -VserverContext $Vserver -Force -Confirm:$False

I'll test and see if it works.


Almost had it - just need to drop the -Force option so the command that works looks like this:

Remove-NcCifsShare -Name $ShareName -VserverContext $Vserver -Confirm:$False

Thank you!


Whoops, I exported the unfinished version! Sorry about that. Glad you found the solution.

- Michael.

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