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WFA 4.2 / CDOT Pack 1.5.0 - Issue with tiering policy in modify volume command


After upgrading to the latest "WFA pack for managing Clustered Data ONTAP" 1.5.0, we have issues with the "Modify Volume" command.


In the latest version, it takes a new parameter as such:


 [parameter(Mandatory=$false, HelpMessage="The tiering policy that is to be associated with the volume.")]


This parameter is mapped to Volume.tiering_policy.


However, a newly created volume using "Create volume" without a defined tiering policy will default to "snapshot_only", note the underscore, this is the part from the reservation:


        IF('${TieringPolicy}' IS NULL,



This "snapshot_only" will then not be accepted by the "Modify Volume", because it only takes "snapshot-only" with a dash rather than an underscore.


@netapp: can you confirm that and/or is this a known bug and in the works or does that need a ticket?



Hi Martin,



Could you please let us know your convinient time to have WebEx to understand the use case for below volume create reservation issue.







Hi Martin,


Thanks for the details.

New burt is raised and it will be fixed in DB.0 release


New bug 1173120 [4B] - "In create volume command reservation,"snapshot-only" with a dash rather than an underscore"




Thanks Shiva, not sure what a "DB.0" release is, would you care to elaborate?

Hi Martin,


The upcoming release name from ONTAP is DayBlazer (9.5.0).

This issue will be fixed in CDOT 9.5.0 pack.



Since, CDOT pack aligned with ONTAP release, the next CDOT pack version will be 9.5.0



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