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WFA 4.2 Installation successful but no admin account created in DB



I don't know if anyone else has expirenced this behaviour as well.


I had a fresh installed Windows server 2016, and installed the WFA 4.2 build (WFA-x64-V4.


The installation was successful but the predefined account "admin" was not working when trying to access the WFA instance. 


I noticed that the use was never created in the table user within the database wfa.


I tried several ways to install it, but always came up with the same situation. 

The only hint i have is that i changed to a admin password that was less complex then pwgen gave me with the specific options i had in the CLI command.






This happened to me with an upgrade from WFA 4.2 to WFA 5.0 . There is a Perl script in ...\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\bin called which is used by the install wizard to setup the admin user.


If any kind of Perl is already installed, try going to cmd, navigate to the above path and run with the following parameters:


perl <admin_user_name> <admin_password>


Just to be on the safe side, you can also restart the service. It should reset the admin user, and I was able to login to the UI.




are you sure that all steps of the installation were successful?


I installed the 4.2 on RHEL and as test on CentOS. The post install script in the rpm failed on both servers.


MySql failed to start (wrong parameters) so the SQL statements were not applied to the database to create the neccessary tables.


Please check your install logfiles.





You have to use your Windows login & password to access your WFA web console.



You have to use your Windows login & password to access your WFA web console.

I would say that part is a secondary step in the setup, the "admin" and "MySQL" passwords are defined during the installation. 

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