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WFA 5.0.1 Upgrade Datasource error - Out of range value for column 'size_kb' at row 1 Query is:




All - after upgrading from WFA 4.2 to 5.0.1 - we have 1 datasource erroring out with the following. We currently use the "CUSTOM_SNAPSHOT" schema. We worked with NetApp PS Allan Parker.


@allanp - can you assist? Any help would be appreciated.


"Out of range value for column 'size_kb' at row 1 Query is: LOAD DATA INFILE 'C:/Program Files/NetApp/WFA/jboss/standalone/tmp/wfa/snapshot.csv' INTO TABLE wfa_staging.custom_snapshot_snapshot"





My guess would be the data type for the 'size_kb' parameter is an integer and the value of the snapshot size in KB has exceeded the permitted range. You could try modifying the datasource code from [Int] to [Long] or [Int64] and the dictionary for snapshot set the type to 'long' instead of 'integer'. You would probably then need to reset the schema for the datasource then reacquire it. Would it be possible to post the datasource code?



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