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WFA - Break a snapmirror and then reverse re-sync


I'm new to WFA.

I was working on a workflow to:

1) Have the user select a snapmirror and perform a break.

2) Run a reverse resync against the broken off mirror

The problem appears to be the broken off mirror does not exist when the workflow plan is executed, so it fails saying nothing is selected.

Is there a way to complete this workflow just putting together a basic snapmirror break with the provided reverse re-sync workflow?



by reverse-resync I guess you mean resync relationship back from original destination to original source.

In this case even without WFA the reverse resync relationship doesn't exist and you shall create it manually


The WFA provided "reverse resync snapmirror relationship" workflow looks to do all the work of setting up the new snapmirror from old-dest to old-source.  It takes a broken off snapmirror as the input.


I was trying to create a workflow using this to perform the snapmirror break and then go right in to the reverse resync.


In researching this further, I am thinking that I have to create a reservation in the "snapmirror break" step that will update the cache to show the snapmirror is now in the "broken_off" state.  Does anyone know if this is correct?  and if so, where to find an example of how to update the cm_storage.snapmirror entry to be "broken_off"?

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