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WFA Command to add iSCSI Sessions


I have built a command in WFA to use snapdrive to compare the iscsi LIF's on a vserver with those in a windows host. If it finds any that need to be added it will do so.  When adding it, it will make an attempt to use an IP address that is on the same subnet for the source host portal.



  • Snapdrive needs to be installed on the WFA server.
  • The WFA Server service needs to be running as someone that can manage the remote snapdrive servers.
  • Others that I can't think of right now 😉

I utilized sdcli to perform all the lookups for those needed from the remote windows host. Being that sdcli is just a dos command, it is very likely it may need to be tweaked to work with your environment.  


Please test in your environment before deploying it as something against production!  I claim no responsibility, but welcome suggestions.









Good work. I also have a suggestion that you can make a pack out of this command dar file and upload it on WFA Automation Store


You would need WFA4.0RC1 for that. 



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