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WFA - Create SnapVault command




Currently the WFA default command set contains some SnapVault commands, like Create SnapVault, Set SnapVault snapshot schedule, Remove SnapVault and Update SnapVault.


At this moment, we are trying to use only default commands in our workflows, except for a couple of really needed custom coded commands, which relate to this specific customer envrionment.


We noticed that the Create SnapVault command requires to create a new qtree, while it is possible to use an existing volume.


We would like to set a SnapVault relationship to an existing destination volume/qtree.


Of course, we could write this code ourselves, butwe  would like to see a command, like for example "Set SnapVault relationship", included in the default certified command set or available via the Storage Automation Store.


Could you provide us with an answer, if this is doable, and by when it could be arranged?


PS. We are using a 7-mode envrionment and WFA version 3.0.0.





The current certified command which is there in WFA should be good enough to use it.

I have created a workflow using WFA 3.1P1, to create this workflow.

The trick lies in writing the user input queries, ie SQL.

You need to list down the Qtrees for that particular volume and that should do your work.

I have not tested the workflow, it is for demonstration purpose how you can do it.

However you can enhance on the same workflow. Please let us know if you need more help.





Thank you for your reply, Abhit


We are going to have a look at the release notes of the new version, and test your answer.

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