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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

WFA: Find Aggr from a user input cluster/svm and use it for build volumes


I am looking for options to see if I can use a query or a find command to find aggr which is least used in capacity and use it in volume create workflow?

what are my options here?





You can use a pre-defined finder (for example "filter aggregates by available capacity" which will return a non-root aggregate with the most available capacity in the cluster).

To use that insert a "Search and define" command. To do this type "search" in the list of commands then drag and drop the "search and define" command into the designer. EG




Once you've dragged and dropped the command into the workflow, hover you pointer below it and square with a plus symbol will appear, click on the plus symbol and select "aggregate" for the "cm_storage" scheme as the dictionary type. EG





Define the variable name and click on the "enter search criteria" link:




Select the "finder aggregate by available capacity" finder and enter variable names for the cluster and capacity.




Once the aggregate is found you can reference the object in the create volume command. EG instead of entering a value or variable for aggregate name you can reference it as "" (or whatever you call the aggregate variable)


Does this help? Please let me know if you have any questions




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I dont want to specify capacity, I want to search for minimum available. when I added this it has added capacity as userdefine variable. when I added $capacity , it took as user define input.

I want the search to find aggr which has maximum capacity




Create a filter (SQL Query) to find a non-root aggregate on a cluster\node with the most available capacity and use that in your find command for the aggregate. EG:




To save you typing...


    cluster.primary_address AS 'node.cluster.primary_address', AS '', AS ''
    `aggregate`.node_id =
    AND node.cluster_id =
    AND cluster.primary_address = '${Cluster}'
    AND `aggregate`.has_local_root = 0
    `aggregate`.available_size_mb DESC LIMIT 1

Note: the "LIMIT" statement ensures it will return a single data aggregate (if multiple data aggregates exist on the node) with the most available capacity (hence the ORDER BY statement)


Please let me know if you have any questions



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