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WFA Get-WfaRestParameter returns 404 not found


I wonder if this is something error others are experiencing too and if there's a solution to it:


In my workflow, I want to query the jobID in one of the command so I have a line of script (copied from sample command "Send Email"):

$jobID = Get-WfaRestParameter "jobId"


Randomly, I am getting the error back with the 404 not found message. Sometimes when I resume the failed workflow, it shows the same error again, and some other times it goes on just fine.


I cannot repeat this error in the same environment, the occurance is very random to me.


To my understanding, the 404 error means WFA app can connect with WFA server but cannot find the jobID, which seems confusing because the job id exists as soon as the workflow is scheduled...


I found a post regarding similar issue here:


The solution from the post is to stop the " World Wide Web Publishing" Service


However, I am not able to fine such a service to stop...


Any advise?


Thank you!




Were you able to identify a solution for this problem. I've recently ran across the same issue and I'm currently running WFA v 3.01 where there are no IIS or W3MC services enabled.


Do you have IIS running on your WFA server?

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I don't. The box is dedicated to WFA, and all I installed is WFA through WFA installer. Is IIS required for WFA to run?


No No IIS is not required. I was just asking because IIS and W3SVC are some services present by default on Windows server 2008, 12 and they can ( no always but some rare cases) interrupt the WFA services if WFA services are installed in default ports i.e.HTTP: 80 and HTTPS: 443. 




If this post resolved your issue, help others by selecting ACCEPT AS SOLUTION or adding a KUDO.


I'm running 2012 R2 but the build I have doesn't have IIS come by default. so the service is not there to interrup, I guess 🙂

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