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WFA: Get a list of snapshots on cDOT


Does anyone have a way to get a list snapshots for a specific volume in cDOT (8.2)?  

Thanks, Alan Parker



Hi everyone,


did you two have any luck?


i'm currently experiencing the same issue (posted here), but using OCUM 6.2 and WFA


What do you want to do with that list? There is a PowerShell command that will return the Snapshots for a given volume so you could write a Command in WFA fairly easily but there may be other ways of tacking this with the default commands depending on what you  want to do with that snap. Any more details you could share would help.



Right, I know how to get a list of snapshots with power-shell in a command.    But I'd like it in the data cache so that I can have them available when the WFA inputs are processed, like you can with volume names, etc.



Hey Alan,

It looks like the data is not in the schema, and having checked the OCUM 6.0 database I don't have any snapshot objects populated in my view, which may be why.

I have a need for this information in the cache too, so will either create a new dictionary entry and collection, or create a new datasource that uses the OCUM controller list and gets snapshot list directly from the controllers. Will let you know how it goes!

Kind Regards,



Interesting what you say about OCUM 6.   SnapShots do show up in OCUM 5.2 in cluster mode.   


I am using the 6.0RC1 so will install the 6.0 GA version this afternoon and see if I have any more luck.

It should be possible to define a new type in cm_storage called snapshot with a volume/name/timestamp attribute similar to the storage schema object, and write a cache query that uses the view from OCUM 5.2 to get the snapshots out.

I'll grab 5.2 as well and see if I can create a snapshot support pack for both in the next day or two.


Hey Alan,

Just to keep you updated, it appears from the beta notes that OCUM 6.1 will fix the snapshot issue in 6.0. Am trying to get a hold of it to test this out now.

From the 5.2 point of view, I've included a dictionary entry and cache query that should work for OCUM 5.2. They are based on the 7-mode snapshot model, database format appears the same. Let me know if it works, unfortunately I can't seem to get any storage controllers registering to my OCUM 5.2 instance to test it out.

You'd also need to add a finder but that should be simpler if the object type and cache query is there.


- Michael.


I will try it.  Thanks.

-Alan Parker

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