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WFA How to create reservations


Looking at WFA's existing commands with reservations I'm trying to understand what part of a SQL statement is supported in order to triggers or causes a reservation to ocurr. Can I use an UPDATE or does it have to be an INSERT? Also, what is the definition of a reservation? Is it a temporariy update to database until the data source updates it?



I'm trying to update the quota on an existing qtree or user. So I need to modify the value for cm_storage.qtree.disk_limit_mb or from my custom data source cm_user_quota.user_rule.disk_limit.



Re: WFA How to create reservations

Reservation script in WFA commands can be treated as a way to simulate the effect of the particular command on the WFA cache. Since the commands effect can only be really seen after the next cache acquisition, reservation script is used till then. When the next cache acquisition occurs and the data is present in that(this validation is done using the Verification script), the reservation entry is removed. Yes, you are right, you can see reservations as a temporary update to cache until, cache acquisition occurs. You can use INSERT and UPDATE commands as necessary. For example, if you look at 'Create Volume' command's reservation script, you can see that there is an 'INSERT' statement to insert the entry into the 'volume' table. And an 'UPDATE' statement to update the 'used/available' space columns in 'aggregate' table.

Re: WFA How to create reservations


Thank you. This clears it up.


Will there be a feature in future to allow the reservations to take place automagically based on the parameter mappings which you choose?

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