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WFA Integration with Service Now


I am trying to create the workflow which can fetch some ticket information from Service Now and based on that the workflow should be invoked and excuted? How Service Now ticketing tool can be integrated with WFA?



Does anyone have any information on how they added the methods in Service Now to run against WFA?




The heading of this topic is highly misleading. As far as I know There is NO such thing as ServiceNow-WFA integration. Nothing is done at servicenow end to add any method etc..


I'll explain the theory behind this.


Suppose your lab support system provided 5 different types of service requests for which tickets can be raised on ServuceNow portal. For excuting those request tickets, you have 5 different WFA workflows wf01-05.


You must know that serviceNow provides rest API to view and manage request tickets. So now you can have another workflow which can do the following:


1. Call the REST API on service-now and read the ticket info and identify what type of workflow is required to execute this request. lets say wf01.

2. Now you know the workflow id, so this workflow can execute the WFA rest API to execute wf01 with the parameters obtained from step-1


That's all folks!





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I'm looking for the methods listed below in the screenshot. I need info on how those methods were created. This was posted in this article.




Please refer this thread.  I have attached some documents and script. Refer this and you will get to know how to call ServiceNow RestAPIs and WFA APIs and communication between them.




@paragp    -Thanks for ur reply.I have WFA installed..I have developed one of the workflow in which i need to add the feature of reading the ticket from service now and run the workflow accordingly.


For Ex: Someone creates the ticket that I want to create the CIFS share as a request in ticket. Now I have thought 2 ways.


One way is we can read that ticket from WFA and run the workflow accordingly.


Second way is we can make one script outside of wfa which can read ticket and pass the parameters to invoke my workflow and work according to parameter. So which use case is possible and feasible according to you?If any other use case u have then suggest it if you dont mind.


You may find this thread related to Service Now integration with NetApp of help :


WFA allows users to add commands and create workflows with these commands. These commands are powershell or perl scripts.  These scripts can be used to call APIs or CLIs exposed by service now.



WFA also has REST apis for listing, executing and monitoring workflows in addition to doing other things. These apis can be called from service now. If you haven't already you should install WFA and tale a look a some of the commands that are shipped with it.  Once WFA is installed the REST api docs can be seen at the URL https://<WFAServer>/rest/docs

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