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WFA LDAP Groups - Allow 'Domain Users' to login


Looking for a way to allow anyone in our company the ability to login to WFA... we will then restricting what they can see/do by securing the Categories, or within the workflows themselves.  


Otherwise, we'd want to leverage an API call to add new LDAP group, but looking at Swagger docs, doesn't seem there is a PUT /rest/ldap_group




Re: WFA LDAP Groups - Allow 'Domain Users' to login




Separation of LDAP Groups management was done in WFA4.1. But for backword compatibility of APIs, we have kept the API same as before.


The WFA Domain groups can be Added using the api /system/ldap on method PUT. On swagger doc you can see it under System Operations -> User Management



This API will set your LDAP authentication along with the LDAP groups.


So if you want to add another LDAP group to the existing list via APIs, do the following


Assuming your LDAP Authentication is already enabled. 


1. Do a GET on  /system/ldap to get the current configuration.


2. On the response body, Add your new group for the specific role. Since you want resticted Catgory based access, you should add it into <operatorGroups>


3. Call POST on /system/ldap




API /system/ldap will show the groups. Also /system/ldap_group will also get this Group in response.




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