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WFA Local User 7-Mode Creation with CIFS access permission


Dear All

I have suscessfully to create local user on 7-Mode controller with be command below:



param (
[parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="Cluster (controller) IP or name.")]

[parameter(Mandatory=$false, HelpMessage="Name of the vfiler.")]

[parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="User Name.")]

[parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="Password.")]


# connect to controller
Connect-WfaController -Array $Cluster

Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Creating User share: " + $User + "Password: "+ $Password)
# Add User


$SecPassword= Get-WfaInputPassword -EncryptedPassword $Password


New-NaUser -User $User -Password $SecPassword -Groups "Users"




the output of the command as below:


Screen Shot 2558-09-02 at 6.59.27 PM.png



as you can see on the storage site:


netapp-dc> useradmin user list test_user_02
Name: test_user_02
Rid: 131091
Groups: Users
Full Name:
Allowed Capabilities: api-snmp-get,api-snmp-get-next
Password min/max age in days: 0/4294967295
Status: enabled




the user has been created 



netapp-dc> cifs shares
Name Mount Point Description
---- ----------- -----------
ETC$ /etc Remote Administration BUILTIN\Administrators / Full Control
HOME /vol/vol0/home Default Share everyone / Full Control
C$ / Remote Administration BUILTIN\Administrators / Full Control
SJP_SAPSWAP /vol/SJP_SAPSWAP/SJP_SAPSWAP ** priv access only **
cifs_test /vol/cifs_test everyone  / Full Control




then i have try to give the access to test_user_02 to cifs_test shares




netapp-dc> cifs access cifs_test test_user_02 Full Control
Unknown user/group test_user_02



so in order to solve the problem i have to use Oncommand system manager to set password for test_user_02


Screen Shot 2558-09-02 at 7.17.29 PM.png



after that the user would be able to add to the cifs access:



netapp-dc> cifs access cifs_test test_user_02 Full Control
1 share(s) have been successfully modified


so anyone have any idea what was wrong in the WFA command.

why do i need to reset password via Oncommand System Manager in order to make use of the User that create by WFA.


Best Regards,



Re: WFA Local User 7-Mode Creation with CIFS access permission


The cmdlet New-NaUser expects -Password in string format. See below


PS H:\> get-help New-NaUser


Adds a user given the information provided.

New-NaUser [-User] <String> [-Password] <String> [-FullName <String>] [-Comment <String>] [-Groups
<String[]>] [-PasswordMinAge <Int64>] [-PasswordMaxAge <Int64>] [-Controller <NaController>]



Cmdlet Get-WfaInputPassword returns the password in SecureString format and not plain sting that you entered at command execution. 


Convert it to plain-text by adding the below line


$PlainPassword= ConvertFromSecureToPlain -SecurePassword $SecPassword




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Re: WFA Local User 7-Mode Creation with CIFS access permission


thank you so much. sinhaa  🙂


Best Regards,


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