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WFA : Report about aggregate utilization


When using thin provisioning, we have  to monitor the usage on the level of the aggregate and the % of over-provisioning. For the first part this can be done by a simple command, but that is not that easy for the second part.  I have a rather work intensive solution. But I want to have a simpler solustion so, I was pointed in the direction of WFA that could create such reports.


Who can help me point in the right direction how to setupo such a report for 7-mode and Ontap 9?


Thanks in advance.


Re: WFA : Report about aggregate utilization


Hi @GrumpyOldMen 


If you only want to monitor the aggr overcommit, you can try to using OnCommand Unified Manager.


OnCommand Unified Manager can help you to set alert mail and create report for Aggregate Overcommitted.

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