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WFA - Subnet Information




I was wondering if there is any way we can query the subnet information into WFA, in the same as it is presented in System Manager when a SVM is created. I think this would be very useful if you want to avoid duplicated IP address (Management and Data) when a SVM is created through WFA. 


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You must know that anything that you can do programmatically, you CAN do it using WFA. Its a very powerful automation framework.


Now to your question, you can use

  1. java Net libraries in MVEL functions to do this check. This can be done at preview.
  2. If not possibile using (1), you can use Powershell in the command code to do this validation. This is not going to do any validation at preview, but excution of workflow/command canmake this check before proceeding to next SVM creation.


If you give me your specific requirement instead of generic "subnet information", I can even post here a ready-to-use solution.







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Hi Sinhaa,

Thanks for your reply, I’m designing some workflows in our Lab, but I was not able to find any the subnet information (e.g. name, IP range and available IP address - see below) from the "cm_storage.cluster".


System Manager.PNGSystem Manager1.PNGSystem Manager2.PNG



I would like to create a function or command that allows the automatic selection of an IP address from an existing subnet to avoid duplicate IP address.

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Hi Jorge,


 Very interesting requirement.


Now, WFA doesn't have this subnet data in its db cm_storge, this is because OCUM itself have this data being monitored from the ONTAP cluster. 


So what can you do here?


  1. File a new feature bug with OCUM and then WFA and wait for it to be available. This can have infinite waiting time.
  2. Get the data directly from ONTAP Cluster into WFA.


Again with option 2, you have 2 choices:


1. Build your new scheme. dictionary and your Data Source type to obtain this data from Ontap Cluster. This can have some advantages but needs some planning to do.

2. Have your command to get data at execution time and do all the math needed in your command code. Much straightforward, but right now I don' know what you may run into. 


I've not tried this subnet thing much, so let me explore more on it.


I'll post the solution soon. 









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