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WFA - Trying to create a new volume with dedupe and compression by disk type


I'm trying to figure out the best way to set dedupe and compression attributes in my workflow based upon the selected aggregate's disk type.  For example, if SSD, then inline compression should be on, but dedupe should not be selected, blank, as it is on by default.  (I receive an error message when dedupe set to TRUE and the volume is created on an AFF system.)  These options do not appear to be on the Modify Volume command either, so I cannot set it post creation, as that would be too easy.  The only two options I can think of is to create a function to trigger on aggregate type and return the correct value, or have two separate create-volume paths dependent upon the aggregate disk type.  Looking for any other ideas that may be simpler that I'm missing.    Running WFA version 4.2, WFA Pack for managing Clustered Data ONTAP 1.2.1 ( trying to update but not apparently taking the latest version)