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WFA and OCUM connection issue


I am facing a strange issue at a customer site while trying to add OCUM as a data source in WFA.

It’s a fresh installation of WFA 2.2 and when tried to connect with a fresh installation of DFM 5.2 7-mode we are successful, however when we try to connect existing DFM server below error is received even restore of database from existing dfm server to new dfm server error is same.

Any idea what could be wrong here?

Thanks for your time as we have already opened a cased with NGS and still waiting for any troubleshooting to begin.

BTW, I have also did a schema reset and that too didn't help



Re: WFA and OCUM connection issue



          It looks like the dfm database may have some issues in the schema. I would attempt to isolate the issues down to the DFM sybase data by restoring the production database into the "clean installation" this will validate this is a data or data structure problem vs a dfm server related issues. Support can help streamline the database if it has existed for a long time and has a bunch of old records in it. 

Re: WFA and OCUM connection issue



Thanks for the reply. We have tried restoring the backup to fresh install server and found the issue persistent after restore.

So I believe it's something to do with stale data in DFM database rather WFA or its connection mechanism with OCUM.

I am also working with support and few engineering guys to troubleshoot the issue.


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