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WFA drop down query locking



     I am hoping I am missing something easy in setting up an SQL query with a drop down box.  How do I set a drop down box to only accept the query output?


I have custom comment fields in DFM that are used to provide certain volumes based off of other input.  However, a customer can still type text freeform into the query box, and I need to restrict that.  The input box should only accept the query output for security reasons in this situation.  


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Re: WFA drop down query locking


I believe that is controlled by the 'Lock Values:' attribute on a User Input field. If it is checked, the user will not be able overide but only choose one of the query results. When it's not checked they can type something else into the field.

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Re: WFA drop down query locking


Oh geez,

      I had tried that, but had an issue with my SQL query that I did not catch so there were no results and I thought that locking it was breaking the field.


Thank you very much!


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