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WFA memory considerations


I have a customer asking about WFA memory utilization.  The lab instance is currently using 4.5GB.  Since the lab is not representative of prod in terms of number of objects, etc.  The question is, will this rough number of 4.5GB remain static, is it going to be a growing requirement?

Geoff Kleemola


Re: WFA memory considerations


Hi Geoff,

I’ve gone through the scale test reports for both 2.0 and 2.1 and the max heap memory usage has been around 1GB. There were a couple of memory leaks fixed in WFA 2.0.

To get a better understanding, the following information needs to be sought from the customer:

  • What version of WFA is being used?
  • Details of the WFA operations and workload.
  • Memory snapshot if possible
  • Does the memory increase continuously or only at certain periods.


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