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WFA release 1.1.1 available - Read all about it !


Greetings all,

I am thrilled to declare that version 1.1.1 of the Workflow Automation platform (WFA) is currently available for download.

This is mostly a content release, solidifying our already robust factory-certified component repository, as well as adding

some exciting features to make life easier on the web-services user community:

  • Adding support for synchronous calls to the API (Waiting on job completion)
  • Additional commands
  • Command fixes
  • Additional functions

and more.

As usual, This release has an automated upgrade path previous releases, so you should be able to backup your previous version database,and restore it after you installed the new release (Don't forget to remove the older release first - Follow our upgrade procedure in thenewly revised and improved installation manual, also uploaded to the community (See link below).Don't forget - Mark the "Upgrade certified content" while restoring in order to enjoy the full benefit of all the new content.

Version download

Release notes

See attached to this post

License file

Will be supplied on demand. Please reach out to your NetApp Rep or SE for a WFA License Key.  They can request a WFA licenseHERE.


As of 1.1 release includes contextual help in the GUI. Click on the "?" icon for information where applicable.Our automatically generated "Reference Manual" is still available from the top-left menu bar and was enhanced over previous releases.Before installation, please review the updated documentation in this community:

  • Installation document - Link
  • Web services primer - Link
  • Support and Troubleshooting guide - Link


Please look up our WBT at NetAppU.

On top of that, WFA workshops are available from time to time - Updated information will be posted in the community.

As always, we appreciate your opinions and feedback - Feel free to get in touch regarding any topic you'd like.

Best regards,

Yaron Haimsohn

Workflow Automation team


Re: WFA release 1.1.1 available - Read all about it !


Hi Yaron,

How would you recommend I upgrade from a 1.1 installation to 1.1.1? 



Re: WFA release 1.1.1 available - Read all about it !


Hi Dave,

"same procedure as every year, James" 😉  [Not sure if Dinner for One is as famous in the US as it is in Germany?]

- Backup your current install (Tools-->Backup&Restore)

- Uninstall WFA (via Windows uninstall)

- Install 1.1.1

- Restore your backup

- Enjoy



Re: WFA release 1.1.1 available - Read all about it !


Just to confirm, I have upgraded our install in the client lab without any issues.

Thanks to the team

Re: WFA release 1.1.1 available - Read all about it !


Hi Yaron, where can i download the installable files from?

Re: WFA release 1.1.1 available - Read all about it !


Hello Shahirup,

The easiest way is to formally ask for a license in our licensing portal - See the top area of our community!

We will get back to you with license details and download link.


Yaron Haimsohn

WFA Team

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