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WFA support for vserver (SVM) comment field


I'm aware that WFA doesn't gather vserver/SVM comment fields in the WFA Cache. I'm looking at WFA 3.1 (and 4.1rc1) and OCUM 6.4 and it doesn't appear to come through (ONTAP to OCUM to WFA).


My question is does or will this show up in any of the newer OCUM (7.x) and/or WFA releases ... and/or does a BURT exisit for this?


I've cloned and modified the 'Create and config SVM' command to build and apply a useful comment on newly created SVMs but can not get back at that information via the WFA Cache.  





I don't know if OCUM has any plans to do it. There have been requirements for a long time.


If you don't want to wait endlessly, take the matter in your hands do it yourself.


You have 2 options.


1. OCUM6.3+ has provided a feature called OCUM Data Collector which can create a new OCUM DB table and provide the column values which are obtained using API. So if the API is giving the value ( Vserver Comment is ) then this can be fetched in OCUM DB in another table. This method requires you to make a configuration file in a given format which needs a bit of document read.


So now you need to create a new dictionary in WFA . Then then add a new cache-query to acquire this this data into WFA.




2. Make a new scheme and a new dictionary in WFA. Make a new Script Based Data Source type. For each Cluster -> each vserver seen by WFA, execute cmdlet and get the data you need. make CSV.

Have a new Data Source for this type, the successful acquistion will get it done.



I'm planning to provide a detailed document with examples for both methods. If you are in a hurry , I can proivde option(2) immediately.





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I am answering the UM7.x question :


UM7.x is also not collecting the SVM comment information from ONTAP. 



As an alternative solution, the approach shared by Sinha should work. Its easy to implement.