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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

WFA with PS test-path

Has anyone used PS test-path in WFA to check if a share exists? have the following lines that work perfect outside of WFA in the PS environment but inside of WFA it fails to return the correct value. [String]$Path = "\\server\sharename$\foldername" $retval = Test-Path $Path


Do you have the 'Netapp WFA Server' Service running as a domain account? If not, you will need to set that up with a domain account. Also, make sure that account has rights to the share.


yes to both of those


What's the error message when the command is ran in WFA?


not an error it just returns the wrong value.  If the folder is actually there, it returns False saying it couldnt find it.


Hmm That is interesting. I would be interested to see if you can log out the whoami command.


Get-WFALogger -Info -message ("I am: " + (whoami)) 

Get-WFALogger -Info -message ("I am going to test out: " + $Path) 

Get-WFALogger -Info -message ("Accounts in the ACL:"+(get-acl $path).access.identityreference )

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