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What are the events class



I am trying to setup the alerting inside Operations Manager. I have the option to use Events, Severity or Events Class. I am confuse as to what to put in Events Class. Is there a list somewhere that I can get or look at?




Re: What are the events class


Hi Maico,

Event class is collection of similar type of events. If you create alarm with event class then alarm will be triggered when any event of that event class is generated.

You can use "dfm eventtype list" command to list the event class and events associated with event class.

Event Name                                     Severity Class

-------------------------------------------------- ------------ ------------------

agent:down                                Error    agent.status
agent:login-failed                        Warning  agent.login
agent:login-ok                            Normal   agent.login
agent:up                                  Normal   agent.status
aggregate-almost-full                     Warning  aggregate.kbytes
aggregate-almost-overcommitted            Warning  aggregate.overcommit
aggregate-full                            Error    aggregate.kbytes
aggregate-nearly-over-deduplicated        Warning  aggregate.overdeduplication
aggregate-not-over-deduplicated           Normal   aggregate.overdeduplication
aggregate-not-overcommitted               Normal   aggregate.overcommit
aggregate-over-deduplicated               Error    aggregate.overdeduplication
aggregate-overcommitted                   Error    aggregate.overcommit
aggregate-snapshot-reserve-almost-full    Warning  aggregate.snapshot
aggregate-snapshot-reserve-full           Warning  aggregate.snapshot
aggregate-snapshot-reserve-ok             Normal   aggregate.snapshot
aggregate-space-normal                    Normal   aggregate.kbytes
aggregate:64bitupgrade                    Information  aggregate.64bitupgrade
aggregate:deleted                         Information  aggregate.deleted
aggregate:discovered                      Information  aggregate.discovered
aggregate:failed                          Error    aggregate.state
aggregate:offline                         Error    aggregate.state
aggregate:online                          Normal   aggregate.state
aggregate:restricted                      Normal   aggregate.state
alarm-test                                Information  test.alarm
alarm:created                             Information  alarm.created
alarm:deleted                             Information  alarm.deleted
alarm:modified                            Information  alarm.modified
alert-trap-received                       Information  alert-trap-received
application-policy:created                Information  application-policy.created
application-policy:deleted                Information  application-policy.deleted
application-policy:modified               Information  application-policy.modified
appobject:created                         Information  appobject.created
appobject:deleted                         Information  appobject.deleted
backup-mount:failed                       Error    backup.mount
backup-mount:ok                           Information  backup.mount
backup-unmount:failed                     Error    backup.unmount
backup-unmount:ok                         Information  backup.unmount
cfo-interconnect:down                     Error    cf.interconnect
cfo-interconnect:not-present              Warning  cf.interconnect
cfo-interconnect:partial-failure          Error    cf.interconnect
cfo-interconnect:up                       Normal   cf.interconnect
cfo-partner:dead                          Warning  cf.partner
cfo-partner:may-be-down                   Warning  cf.partner
cfo-partner:ok                            Normal   cf.partner
cfo-settings:disabled                     Normal   cf.settings
cfo-settings:enabled                      Normal   cf.settings
cfo-settings:not-configured               Normal   cf.settings
cfo-settings:takeover-disabled            Normal   cf.settings
cfo-settings:this-node-dead               Warning  cf.settings



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Re: What are the events class


Thank you! So I will enter something like “agent.login” for example.

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