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What's a good, simple, free HTML editor to use for workflow help content?


I've never created html-based help for workflows but have read the 'how to' section in developr's guide. I'm wondering if the WFA development team has any recommendation(s) for a readily available html editor that works well with WFA. For example, I'm wondering what HTML editor is used for the help documentation in the Automation Store packs.


Most customers have MS-Word and I know it can 'Save as ...' html but i've had great experiences with it. Wonderng if there is something widely used (and free) that folks might recommend. 






Any HTML editor would do including notepad, but I want to suggest something better. HTML help was added in WFA in 2.2 about 2 years ago, but this manual task is too tidious for people to use this feature. 



If you have a constant template layout for how your HTML doc should look like, then I had created a workflow which does everything for you.


You just need to execute the workflow and provide the doc contents as User-Inputs  like

1. Workflow Name

2. Workflow Description.

3. User-Input and teir description. Images you want to add

4. Expected output

5. Notes you want to add 




The result will give you a formatted CSS styled HTML zipped with all your images and everything . All within 1-2 seconds. The zip file can be directly uploaded into WFA workflow. That's all.


The only time you spend is deciding what you want to document.


You want to give it a try?




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Yes, I'd be ready to give it a try. I'm finding simple text descriptions inadequate to fully describe some workflows.




Hi David,


Attaching the workflow here ( I had some trouble finding the dar, it was developed long ago). It is my basic wrofklow first attempt to solve this problem of creating HTML help docs for workflows.


Import the dar file. 


Take care on how you provide the User-Inputs and their images. I suggest see the below image to help you know how to provide the Inputs.


HTML generator.png



Also attaching the resultant workflow-help.dar ( rename it to .zip ) file which can be directly uploaded into a workflow help.


Let me know if you need some improvements in this workflow. I really want to make it better.



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