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Where can I find the power draw/usage and heat output of the DS4243 shelf?


Surprisingly, this information is not in the DS4243 shelf hardware guides on the NOW site.

You have to go to the Site Requirements Guide:

It is also now available on the latest disk and shelf sectional of the Hardware Universe on Field Portal:



The Site Requirements Guide was retired in 2014.  The data in that guide was migrated to the Hardware Universe.


The information is in the Hardware Universe -



As the first link doesn't work anymore and the other requires field-tech status, I would appreciate if you can tell us the data.

Or even better if Netapp could provide it on the public specs pages if it is a subject of change.


I was looking for the same info and just found this:


Wow, I can't believe this question is still valid a year later.  I have forwarded your (and my) question to the storage product teams to find out why this information isn't (easily) available to end-users. The Install Guide would be the obvious place.

I can tell you the power requirements vary significantly based on the capacity and type (SAS/SATA) of drive.


Yes, I can see that, but between drives of the same type (ie SAS not depending of size) there seem to be similar power draw, so the specs could be extended with just three more numbers (SAS, SATA, SSD) without the need to show the whole matrix.


Anyone thought of using the  "Green Visualizer"


Site requirements are available at

Fieldportal does not have anything with filed-tech BTW ☺


aborzenkov wrote:

Site requirements are available at

Fieldportal does not have anything with filed-tech BTW ☺

You link worked and I could read out that in our case (2TB SATA drives) worst case is 470w.

But why is 215v input measurement marked as "N/A". Is it just not tested or not supported?

The reason why I thought I needed to field-tech rights is because with the other link cthe Netapp site omplained that my company doesn't exist so I thought you had to be a field-tech to be allowed to read the document.

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