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Which piece of software to use for my environment (detailed within)


My team have just started to support a site with 2x FAS2240 in a HA pair and an offsite FAS2520 for replication They are on 8.2,  7-mode. 

The old support company have removed the virtual appliance that was monitoring the devices and aren't communicative, we normally deal with clusters and not just a HA pair so we'd primarily use Unified Manager. 

My question is what would be recommended for monitoring these devices as we were considering System Manager?



With 7-mode, you can only deploy oncommand unified manager 5.x and performance advisor


You should look to move towards Ontap 9


@JamesGant if you have other monitoring system exsits (one that support SNMP/syslog/have a NetApp dedicated plug-in) you likely going to get better quality from it for simple monitoring.

the Unified Management suite require lot of attention and configuration around it. it's great for protection management if you want to rebuld it. but just for monitoring the existing estate it's an over kill and you better just monitoring it with your existing monitoring tools.



@JGPSHNTAP Although your recommendation for upgrade to 9 is right in general. i want to expand a bit about that being the tight thing or not based on what @JamesGant has.


7 mode on a 8.2.5 version will be supported on these platforms until the platforms are EOL (could be years from now)


Even if it's completely possible to upgrade in your environment @JamesGant, you definitely have the option not to do so.


The reason i'm saying it is that the 2240 can only go up to ontap 9.1. however if you upgrading it now. and leave it to run until the EOL or even after. you will have a problem to seemesely migrate to whatever platform will be available at the time - as that platform will not be able to run 9.1 and join to the same cluster... what customers like myself will likely end up doing. is either building new clusters and snapmirror to it. or having a swing kit in the transition. so, it could be much simpler to keep that 7 mode to run as-is until you get new hardware. - i just did the same to one of my brunches with 2240.


Also. if you currently using a 10GB interfaces on the 2240. you would have to covert them to cluster network and only use the 1GB ones for data access





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