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Why No NetApp Management Console for Cdot 8.3?



I am using OCUM 6.2 since we are on DoT 8.3, and I find that I really miss the NetApp Management Console that was available in 7-Mode for viewing Performance Graphs easily.  The Performance Advisor tool is woefully inadequate in this regard.  Does anyone know if it's possible to get the same graphs somehow with DoT 8.3/OCUM 6.2, or if this fucntionality will be added back soon?


Re: Why No NetApp Management Console for Cdot 8.3?




Performance Advisor (and the NetApp Managerment Console GUI) had some challenges to visualize data effectively in a Clustered Data ONTAP environment; there are just too many ways to look at data due to the abstraction of frontend client work and backend storage work.  Add in other new features we got like QoS statistics and it was better to start fresh, and that is what we did with OnCommand Performance Manager (OPM). The initial versions of OPM (1.0 and 1.1) were designed to solve troubleshooting use cases by conducting a root cause analysis and by looking at other impacted workloads (bully/victim analysis).  In OPM 2.0 we added to it a variety of views of things like volume performance:



For many uses cases this is the right level of detail.  If this isn't enough, we can export data to an external time-series database ("external data provider" in the OPM install guide).  Or if you want even more then maybe Graphite + Grafana + Harvest (from the Support toolchest) would be a good match.  I wrote a blog about this combo here: It all begins with data.



Hope this helps!


Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA

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Re: Why No NetApp Management Console for Cdot 8.3?


Very helpful, thank you!  We are using OC Performance Manager 1.1 ... in fact that's what I intended to refer to when I said Performance Advisor ... but I was unaware of the changes in 2.0!  That looks like exactly what I am looking for.  Looks like we will be upgrading soon!  Thanks again.

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